What Will Happen if You Eat 2 Bananas a Day

You’ll Have to Work Really Hard to Overdose

As we’ve mentioned, most Americans are deficient in potassium, and two whole bananas a day won’t provide your full RDA. You’d need to eat 7 or 8 bananas to get enough daily potassium from that source alone. However, too much potassium is just as dangerous as too little – it can destroy your heart muscle, for one. But for a healthy person to reach that danger zone, he or she would need to eat 400 bananas in one day! We suspect that stomach capacity would stop that attempt long before anyone got too much potassium from eating bananas.

So for any healthy person, eating two bananas a day is a great idea. People who are taking beta-blockers for heart disease should be careful, as beta-blockers raise potassium levels. And bananas are classified as “medium” on the glycemic index, so a twice-a-day habit might not be the best idea for diabetics. Otherwise, have at it. Research indicates that a high potassium intake reduces your risk of death by any physical ailment by a solid 20%. That’s a nice healthy cushion!

As we have already mentioned, most Americans lack potassium, and consuming two bananas daily will not render a full RDA. You will have to devour about 7 to 8 bananas a day to get enough potassium from this source. In another way, too much of potassium in the body is as deadly as too little; this can, for instance, terminate the human heart muscle. But before a healthy person can reach this terrible area, he/she will have eaten about 400 bananas a day! But we believe that stomach capacity will stop this attempt long before someone absorbs too much potassium through eating bananas.

So, for anyone who has good health, eating two bananas a day is a very good idea. Souls taking beta-blockers for heart illness need to be very careful because blockers enhance the level of potassium. While bananas are classified as “average” in the Glycemic Index, the habit of taking twice daily is not good for diabetic patients. Otherwise, put it in. The investigation has also shown that consuming potassium daily will reduces the risk of death by any physical illness by 20%. It’s a good pillow for good health!