This is What Will Happen If You Eat French Fries Every Day

French fries are one of the best American foods that attract many souls with the idea that their deep-fried greasiness is truly refined, with this elegant title “French”. But don’t be deceived. “French” means the way potatoes are sliced. These potatoes are immersed in boiling; salt and hot oil are nothing close to being a delicacy. In fact, it is advisable for you to stop eating them every day or avoid them completely. Because if you don’t stop eating them, there are some unwanted things that may happen to you.

1. You’ll gain unnecessary weight

French fries hold too much of carbohydrates, which is not a bad thing at all. But French fries merge refined carbohydrates, which classify them under the bad category that can’t be transformed into good energy.

Since the French fries are combined carbohydrates, it means your body will not be able to digest faster again but slowly. Add to the fact that many nutrients are eliminated through the refining process, it also means you are slowly digesting toxic foods.

This may result in sluggishness, with little or no exercise energy, which will result in growing too much weight.