This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat 3 Eggs A Day

8- 3 eggs a day can help to lose your weight

Eating three eggs per day can also help the body system to lose weight! This is due to the high power of egg saturation, but it is also associated with fat loss. A study on this topic has produced remarkable results: over the eight-week period, some took 3 eggs as breakfast and others bagel, which contained the same amount of calories. What will occur in the body system? Consuming egg as breakfast group lost over 65% weight, 16% more body fat and waist trimming reduced the number of people consuming bagels by 34%. Some Great scientists revealed that people that consume a low-calorie diet with eating eggs at breakfast lose twice weight as fast. This breakfast is a long time satisfies, reducing the quantity of food consumed during the day.

9- Reduces inflammation

Finally, eggs, one of the primary sources of phospholipids in the diet, can reduce Inflammation: according to a recent study in the journal Nutrition. There is a link between dietary intake of these bioactive compounds and choline with a reduction of Inflammation and, consequently, with a reduced risk of having cardiovascular disease.


As we explain above, taking three eggs a day is an ideal way to offer your body with protein that offers high contributors to muscle strength as a source of energy and promotes satiety. In addition to the benefits outlined above, natural and high-quality eggs contribute in many ways to our body’s muscle, strength, and energy.

So now, when will you start consuming three eggs per day?