This is What Happens to Your Body if You Drink at Least 1 Coffee A Day

4. It could negatively affect your bones

This chapter is a little controversial and lacks evidence, but keep reading

For many years, heavy coffee drinkers, bone loss, and general fragility of the bone system have been reported. Because of this, many healthcare scientists and professionals suspect that Caffeine has a negative outcome on calcium absorption. However, no concrete evidence was found to suggest that the association was simply due to the fact that heavy coffee drinkers did not consume enough calcium in their diets. Therefore, you can drink less coffee or balance it with almonds, milk, broccoli, or other calcium-rich foods.

5. It could cause or worsen acid reflux

Most coffee drinkers are giving different complaints about acid reflux, saying it is very worsening for their body after drinking coffee. This has led investigators to find the source of the complaint. Some cite the acidity of the coffee, while others think it is Caffeine and how it is prepared.

Although the research is not reliable, many people still give a different complaint about the effects of burning in the heart. If you are thinking coffee is to be blamed for heartburn, you may want to refrain. However, if you still wish to be drinking beans in a hot cup, avoid some brewing methods such as French or espresso press that do not use paper filters that contain coffee containing stomach irritants. Otherwise, you can try cold-brewed coffee to avoid the heat factor.