This is What Happens to Your Body if You Drink at Least 1 Coffee A Day

Coffee is the main thing millions of Americans take every morning. It’s warm, very inviting, and it also contains high Caffeine, which provides a necessary boost to start the day. But do you know what actually happens in your body when you take a cup of coffee? Do you whether consuming coffee offer any health benefits to your body in the long run or is it a harmful substance to your body system? This is what science says, with different opinions on the subject: good and bad.

Firstly, let talk about the benefits of coffee in the human body system.

1. Protection against different types of cancers

There have been several studies conducted on the carcinogenic properties found inside the coffee to determine if it can cause the development of cancer; the researcher on this issue has not yet found a link. However, several types of research, as well as some cited by the American Cancer Society, have shown that coffee can actually protect the body against many cancers.

According to the ACS website, it is revealed that coffee can reduce the risk of cancers of various forms, including breast, liver, colorectal, head, and neck cancer. Several biologically active compounds just as Caffeine, lignans, flavonoids, and other polyphenols are discovered inside roasted coffee.”

These compounds and other coffee compounds have been found to enhance energy consumption, offer anti-inflammatory properties, inhibit regulate genes complex in DNA renewal, cell damage, and inhibit metastasis among other activities.