If You Eat Onion Every Day, This Can Happen to Your Body

1. Lower Cancer Risk

Onions contain some organosulfur compounds that give them their characteristic odor, but they also help to detoxify the carcinogens substances we absorb every day. This means it contributes to a reduced risk of cancer in the body system. According to research, it reveals that the more you consume onions, the higher the protection in your body system.

But before starting an onion-based diet, you need to know that the combination of turmeric and onion has a synergistic effect and garlic offers protection similar to this one. It is always recommended to everyone to consume onions every day, but you can combine these other natural ingredients to maximize the benefits, rather than continually eating onions.

2. Lower Diabetes Risk

Onions are also fantastic for reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes in the human body. This type of diabetes develops when insulin becomes ineffective in glucose processing. This is usually developed due to a chronic sugar diet we consume.

When you consume onions, it improves the amount of insulin available in your system. Allyl propyl disulfide in onions takes up some of the liver spots where insulin is inactivated, leaving more insulin in the bloodstream to process glucose.