If You Eat 3 Dates Every day For 1 Week This Is What Happens To Your Body

Are you one of those people who love sweetness on a Friday night with something new and exciting, or something that will boost your energy and maybe a little jump in your steps? Are you one of those people who love to have a good date or even more? And, whenever you heard anything about a romantic outing with another person or sweet and edible fruit, it mattereth. Dates for dessert or dates out to the desert are impressive as they are healthy for the mind and the body. However, in this article post, we will be talking about the fruit of palm date grown in many tropical regions around the world.

In short, words, if you eat three of those sweet and pomegranate fruits daily for a week, you may consider making dates more frequent because your body will likely adapt to some certain things like:

1. Reduced risk of colon cancer

In addition to providing a healthy diet through the digestive system, dates also ensure that the gut is healthy without any harmful bacteria to the body, and when the gut and the body digestive system are functioning well, so as the colon, it will reduce the risk of colon cancer in the body.

A research study conducted by the Department of Food Science and Nutrition revealed that those who consumed dates improved their colon health because dates reduce the growth of good bacteria, which inhibited the colon cancer cell’s growth.