6 Best Reasons to Add Garlic to Your Diet Every Day

I once heard an interesting theory of garlic, explaining why folklore suggests it can be used to intimidate monsters like vampires, wolves, and so on. He said these monsters are metaphors for very real threats in our lives, such as infections and illnesses. , As garlic is so good for you so it can be used to protect you from these metaphoric monsters and thus create an old belief.

I do not know how true that theory is, but I know that garlic is a superhero that can turn everyone into a Superman (or a woman). The wonderful healing powers of garlic are visible through history, from ancient civilizations to modern times.

But are you fully aware of all the benefits and healing properties of garlic? Continue reading to find out why it is good for something other than avoiding the attack on the dead!

1- Garlic Is the Food of the Champion

From ancient Egyptians who built a pyramid for the Romans and Greeks who fed garlic to Olympic athletes, soldiers, and sailors, there is a widespread belief that garlic improves performance. As for modern science, it seems that it still reaches these powerful, since recent studies have begun to reveal that garlic improves performance and fatigue during exercise.

In addition, these studies have shown that garlic is a great help to people with heart disease. Six-week healing of garlic oil resulted in a reduction in the maximum heart rate and increased exercise.