15 Makeup Tips All Older Women Should Know

The occurrence is one of the main causes of our female membership. We are constantly in conflict with how we see ourselves, from the moment we were born, in reality.

In the end, the fact that a person decides not to carry makeup or does not complement fully depends on it and should not be intended to satisfy another person.

Do not worry you can enjoy the glory as in your youth with just a few beauties and smart makeup. We have a lot of research to create these 15 smart tips for beauty and make-up just for you!

1- No Eyeliner? Mascara Saves!

Your pencil is spent for nothing; a Vessel with gel for mascara removes the bottom, and the liquid coating is completely dried. Or you might be traveling and forgot to pack a pencil for your eyes; Oh, the tragedy!

Here’s how you save the day: put a mask on the mask to get a good drop of mascara. Then transfer it to a clean, hard surface (your nail is ideal for tangling); Rub the edge of the brush with a fine tip and drag the thin line along the eyelashes (the thick line may not apply very evenly). This method is safe for your eyes and will ensure that your mask remains so long!

2- Say Not To Dust

Dust is an important part of our makeup routine for many of us. Maybe it’s because we started using makeup during our teens when our skin is much thicker and … well, harder.

The problem with the use of dust when you are older is too prone to lubricate the skin and, finally, to detect wrinkles and small wrinkles that you may not notice, but you certainly do not want to attract attention.

Dust can still be useful when you go out at night, but it is best to replace it with one of many creams or sprays that will not only keep the base in place but will also cover up all these wrinkles. These products are also a much better alternative for a more informal and everyday beauty regime.

3- Lips

The lips are not secretive, but the contours can help fuller lips in several strokes with the brush. You only need two lip gloss shades (darker and brighter shades of similar color), a delineator that is also a complementary color and a traditional corrector. After collecting supplies, start aligning your lips with the edges. Be careful not to leave your lips, but on a slightly nervous part on the edge of pigmentation.

Now draw the lines that go to the center of the mouth. Begin by filling the outer half of the lips with a darker lip, then with a lighter tone. Using a sponge, carefully mix the two shades in the place where they are, but do not mix one color with the other. Clean the edges with a small corrector and this is a fuller pot!

4- Get To Know Your Tone

Finding the perfect basic tone is a long and tedious process of research, testing, and rejection. Each stamp has its own tones and there are no two brands with the same basic color. Therefore, when our kind of trust is inaccessible or abandoned, we feel depressed. But the fact is that it is very important to use the correct base tone to make sure your makeup is good.

Well, if you’re older than 50 years, it’s good news for you. As you age, your skin looks brighter and younger when using a base of yellow tones. Selecting the right base becomes much easier. Gold tones are generally very difficult in age. The yellow colors on the base neutralize the grey tones that naturally appear over the years and give you a younger look.

5- Lip Balm = Eyebrow Gel

Finishing the eyebrows to get the perfect shape is a task and an asset in yourself, but when you have to deal with rebellious hair, do not even think about it! You already have a dozen make-ups and you do not want to buy again. Fortunately for you, if you have a colorless lip balm, you do not have to Use a clean brush, sponge or tip of your finger, apply lip balm on your eyebrows until they are behaving and ready to start. It is surprising that most lip balm contains a large amount of vitamin E, and the eyebrows will also be thickened.

6- Lights, Camera, Action!

You just had a good time to make sure that your makeup is beautiful and that you are ready to go out and face the world. Hold on, wait! We spent all our time thinking that we were perfect at home and we were horrified later that day when we saw in the mirror somewhere at the end of the day.
Then, before leaving home, take a few minutes for lighting tests; especially if you go to where you will be photographed!

After you have finished the makeup, first check that the lighting in the bathroom is good, because the direct ceiling lighting is always your worst enemy. Then exit and use the mirror to measure how natural light looks like. If it’s dark, stay indoors and use the backlight for additional lighting. You can even buy an illuminated mirror for makeup; some even come with configurations that mimic different types of lights. And last, but not least, take a picture!

7- Apply an Eyelash Glue Using Bobby Hairpin

We all experienced horror trying to apply lies and see ourselves as clowns or make them fall into the heaviest moments. But well done, they can add a perfect final touch to their appearance.

First, choose the right type of false eyelashes (think at least not too long). Then make sure to apply the appropriate amount of adhesive. In spite of what you think, applying too much eyelash remedies will not help you stay. In fact, this is the opposite. The excess adhesive can not only make your false fall, but it may look distorted or, worse, immediately close your eyes.

The ideal way to bond fake eyelashes is to use rounded needles to paint adhesives. Apply a thin line to the eyelashes and use the tweezers to lightly lay the fake eyelid and allow it to dry completely.

8- Keep Your Body Smell under Control

If you only wear body sprays, all bets are canceled. But are they leading expensive and quality perfumes in which you have spent wealth? Unfortunately, spraying in the air and crossing will not last all day and all night.

Everyone knows that perfumes must be applied to pulse points, but many do not know all the right points. It’s not just about the dolls that need to be set up, but also behind the ears, knees, and elbows. If it is a subtle perfume (neither too intense nor too intense), apply a little on the navel and spray once on the back. As far as hair is concerned, do not directly spray it, because it will concentrate at one point and the alcohol can dry out the hair. Instead, sprinkle with a brush or comb.

9- Toothbrushes Are Not Just For Tooth Brushing

The braids are a beautiful hairstyle, regardless of age. Not only are they practical and easy to set up, but they also look elegant and young. But as you grow older, the hair becomes thinner and the braids become getting weaker. Maybe it sounds pathetic.

To start brushing your hair, knit them normally. After fixing the needle-collar or elastic band, gently clean the toothbrush on each side of each “anti-grain” link. Then, gently pull each “tie” of the braid to release it. In combination with a toothbrush turn, the hair will look larger and “live”. You’ll look more bohemian and less like a tough teacher. And of course, it seems that you have about 30% more hair than you actually have!

10- Silicone Mixers for Beauty

Time spent using dirty and absorbent sponges for mixing makeup is completed. Silicone beauty mixers, called silly sponges, are the latest trends and we hope that you will stay here. These sponges are soft and transparent and do not absorb makeup products.

Even the story of how this happened was very interesting. Before silly sponges were launched to mix makeup, some really intelligent and experimental enthusiast make-ups discovered that the use of silicone retention inserts, also called “chicken chips”, allowed them to combine their makeup smooth and uniform results. And so was born silly sponge!

11- Contour in the kitchen

Or, at least, take your tool, spoon and prepare for cutting like a professional! There are so many videos on YouTube that illustrate this trick. Some even tried it with a knife, but for obvious reasons, we do not recommend it!

Apart from being absolutely dangerous, the spoon gives a more natural result than a knife. Keep the spoon under a slight angle so that the head of the spoon covers the apple on the face. Use a spoon as a shield and apply the bronzer or contour below. Use only what is already in the brush to keep the mixture until the product passes. When the spoon is removed, mix the remaining hardness. Your cheekbones must look sharp enough to cut them!

12- Download SPF

We have been told a million times to use Sunburn, but as you age, you need to be even more serious about the SPF. You might think it’s useless because it has wrinkles, but the care of your skin really helps in limiting damage.

You should look for a sunscreen that protects your face, chin, and nose. Eye Cream with SPF of 15 or more can prevent the deeper spread of the crow. Lip balm with SPF can reduce wrinkles that cause bleeding from the rose. And do not ignore your headstand, which is your neck this is another area in which lines will be formed.

13- The Solvent Helps To Stay

Nails are another thing that you can wear, especially since all this hard work sometimes lasts a day or two. This is because the nails are not properly prepared before applying nail polish.

The good news is that Solvent helps polish to stay. Yes, you read it correctly. The main reason why enamels are so quickly removed is natural nail oils that act as an obstacle between them, even if you cannot see or feel them.

Therefore, when you pass a solvent nail before installing the primer, effectively clean these oils. Try to apply nail polish in this way and it will take much longer!

14- A Shadow For The Eyes … On The Head Of The Head

As we age, we are confronted with many problems of beauty; one of the most important is losing hair. To ensure a temporary solution to this dilemma, do not look beyond the makeup case. You can use your shade to paint irregular areas so they look full. Simply use a soft, curved eye shadow brush to gently apply shadow to areas around the face that look seldom. Be sure to cleanse the consequences, make sure the hairline is even and finish with some hair stretcher

Unfortunately, if you are blond or red, this suggestion may not be very useful because the shade color you use should be a decent combination of real hair. But if you have brown or black hair, you can go!

15- Go easy

Usually, you use a black liquid liner or a more intense brown layer, but it may be time to make changes in your makeup routine. If you have noticed that lately, you look tired, consider using lighter pedals. This board is particularly suitable for those of us who are close to 40 years and we are trying to properly apply the liner to the changing landscape of our eyes.

Gel or eye cream is your best option, and for your application have a handy brush with a fine tip. The shade of a medium-brown color will not be reckless like black color and will also give you a fresher, cleaner and younger look. The formula is also good because it will not throw like a pencil or jump like a liquid. A soft formula will open your eyes and make you wake up.

Try to have a brighter shade for your brows. If you are blond or silver, you can have a shade darker than your hair, but no more than that.