10 Ways To Reupurpose, Revive, or Recycle Old Makeup

Do not hate it when you have a lot of stagnant or incomplete makeup filling your backpack or chest of drawers. He deeply regrets the idea that all of these containers are almost filled because he spent more money than he needed and used them much less than he would have.

Do not worry there are many ways to reuse, revitalize or recycle old makeup to make it completely new and usable. In this way, you can save some money by getting even more expensive makeup that you will probably only use a few times.

Here are some ways you can use your old makeup!

1- Glossy Eye Shadow

If the shade is obsolete, you can recycle it to create your own nail polish. All you need is a clear nail polish and an old shade. Simply mix the amount of powder in transparent enamel and paint it! Mix and match colors to create custom tones.

The best thing about this is that you probably have lots of options because most palette shades come in different colors.

2- Mascara

Using the mask outside the expiration date is not the best idea. It can form groups and seem messy, but the worst is that it can actually contain bacteria. How disgusting

Although you cannot save the old mascara, there are several ways to use a mask stick. All you need to do is thoroughly clean with a little detergent for a warm meal) and let it dry. Now you have an eyebrow brush! You can also use it for combing groups on eyelashes or for releasing make-up products before use.

3- Colorless lipstick

You know that lipstick that excited you so much to go to the pharmacy, but then you realized it was very boring?

Turn this disappointment into emotions because you can reuse it to make a red do-it-yourself. Roses and soft corals will look incredible on your cheeks, but you can try to melt dark red with a little oil to dilute the color. The last of them would also be a large colored lip balm.

4- Eye Pencil

Old coatings are excellent for use even after the expiration date, but sometimes they can become tough or dull. The good news is that there is an easy way to fix it. Just use a cigarette lighter, a match or even a stove to dissolve the pen for about 15 seconds. Then let cool for fifteen seconds and you will have a dark and intense place.

5- False Eyelashes

Do you know how fake eyelashes turn into rubbish after just one use? You can make the most of these injuries by treating them properly. Simply dip them into a little water as soon as you remove them, which will loosen the glue and makeup. Remove the remnants of the cotton swab with the soap dispenser and let it dry overnight. It will be new and ready to use the next day!

6- Cracked Powder

There is an easy way to repair sunburn or cracked or dry dust. You get it only when you are dehydrated. So, you just need to add moisture.

Start by mixing the powder to break the grout and soften it, then add enough alcohol to form a thick paste and combine it well. Put it back into the bowl and allow it to dry overnight. In the morning you will have new dust like new!

7- Old Rose

Do you know how embarrassing you cannot use lipstick? After you have picked up some of them, you must split them as much as possible from the bottom and melt them. You can do this with a large spoon on the stove or in a microwave oven. Mix, combine, pour in a small bowl and cool.

8- Stubborn Mask

If you are waterproof, the eyelash mask is so water resistant that it’s hard for you to try to remove it, you can use it as a gel eyeliner! Just use a fine brush to dip into the mask and draw on your waterline. You will have super intensive eyeliner that lasts and is easy to remove when you need it because it is generally easier to remove from the skin than hair.

9- The Last Drops of Perfume

When you reach the bottom of the bottle of perfume and the pump does not reach the last drop, we are inclined to completely reject it. However, these small drops can be used to convert anybody lotion to the body without odor in the scent. As soon as you can, pour the perfume into the lotion bowl, shake it well and use it!

10- Raze Radar

Yes, if you are a master, you can hardly find anything!

In the same way, you can also use antique makeup to create a masterpiece for your home. You can use old roses, nail polish, etc. it melted like a color for your handicrafts. You can also recycle old makeup containers and use them as storage boxes, such as pills and small jewelry. When you have a creative thumb, the world is your cucumber!